Regular and Irregular Verbs

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    the past tense and past particle of irregular verbs vary, so you must​

    memorize the changes. Here is a partial list of irregular verbs with their past and past​

    participle forms. You will want to refer to this list or a dictionary if you are unsure of a​

    verb form.​

    Present Past Past Participle​

    Arise arose arisen​

    Awake awoke awoke​

    Be (am, are, is) was (were) been​

    Become became become​

    Begin began begun​

    Bend bent bent​

    Bite bit bitten​

    Blow blew blown​

    Break broke broken​

    Bring brought brought​

    Build built built​

    Buy bought bought​

    Catch caught caught​

    Choose chose chosen​

    Come came come​

    Do (does) did done​

    Draw drew drawn​

    Drink drank drunk​

    Drive drove driven​

    Eat ate eaten​

    Fall fell fallen​

    Feed fed fed​

    Feel felt felt​

    Fight fought fought​

    Find found found​

    Fly flew flown​

    Freeze froze frozen​

    Get got got or gotten​

    Give gave given​

    Go (goes) went gone​

    Grow grew grown​

    Have (has) had had​

    Hear heard heard​

    Hide hid hidden​

    Hold held held​

    Hurt hurt hurt​

    Keep kept kept​

    Know knew known​

    Lay laid laid​

    Lead led led​

    Leave left left​

    Lend lent lent​

    Lie lay lain​

    Light lit lit​

    Lose lost lost​

    Make made made​

    Meet met met​

    Pay paid paid​

    Ride rode ridden​

    Ring rang rung​

    Rise rose risen​

    Run ran run​

    Say said said​

    See saw seen​

    Sell sold sold​

    Send sent sent​

    Shake shook shaken​

    Shrink shrank shrunk​

    Sing sang sung​

    Sleep slept slept​

    Speak spoke spoken​

    Spend spent spent​

    Stand stood stood​

    Steal stole stolen​

    Swear swore sworn​

    Swim swam swum​

    Take took taken​

    Teach taught taught​

    Tear tore torn​

    Tell told told​

    Think thought though​

    Wake woke or waked woken or waked​

    Wear wore worn​

    Write wrote written​

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