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-IEEE Spectrum - NOV 2007
English PDF 6MB


- IEE Communication Magazine DEC 2007 :

-Solid-State Lasers and Applications:

- The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing:
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- 51 High-Tech Practical Jokes for the Evil Genius:


-Modeling Tools for Environmental Engineers and Scientists:

-Radio System Design for Telecommunication, 3rd Ed.:
-The Radio Station, Seventh Edition: Broadcast, Satellite & Internet:

-Mobile WiMAX: Toward Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks:

-Wireless Network Security:
-Smart Antennas for Wireless Communications (Professional Engineering):
-Introduction to Advanced System-on-Chip Test Design and Optimization Frontiersin Electronic Testing)
-Rui Paulo Martins, "Analog-Baseband Architectures and Circuits: for Multistandard and Low-Voltage Wireless Transceivers (Analog Circuits and Signal)

-Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (The VLSI Systems Series):

-The Electronic Packaging Handbook:

-Weifeng Liu, «IC Component Sockets»:

-Markus Helfenstein, «Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communications»:

-Mohinder S. Grewal, Angus P. Andrews, «Kalman Filtering: Theory and Practice Using MATLAB»:

-Digital electronics lecture notes:

-Uninterruptible Power Supplies:

-USB Mass Storage: Designing and Programming Devices and Embedded Hosts:

-Fundamentals of Solid State Electronics:

-Design for Reliability (Electronics Handbook Series):
-CD-R/DVD Disc Recording Demystified:

-Op Amp Applications Handbook (Analog Devices Series):

- Mixed-Signal And DSP Design Technique (Analog Devices Series) :
-Practical Design Techniques For Sensor Signal Conditioning (Analog Devices Series) :

-Practical Analog Design Techniques
Power and Thermal Management Design Techniques
High Speed Design Techniques,3090,765%5F%5F961,00.html

-Electronics and elechtrotechnics course:

-Huge electronic library (~11,85 Gb) on english and russian.:
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Magazin :

Nuts & Volts, September 2007

Elektor Electronics, September 2007

Circuit Cellar, September 2007

Laser Focus World, July 2007

IEEE Computer, August 2007

PC Magazine, September 4, 2007

Maximum PC, August 2007

Computer Pilot, August 2007

eWeek, August 13, 2007

PCWorld, September 2007

Macworld, September 2007

Reference :

- A Guide to Semiconductors -

A guide to all different aspects of semiconductor technology.

- Antennas Basics -

Introduction to Antennas. Polarization, Impedance. Basic types of Antennas.

- Basics of Electronics-

Electronic Components, Ohm's Law; Voltage, Current and Resistance; Series, Parallel and

Combination Circuits, Schematic Symbols.

- Basics of AC Electronics -

Excellent source for Basics of AC Electronics including AC Waveforms and AC circuits,

some background of DC Electronics is also covered i.e: RC and RL circuits.

- Basics of different Electronics Subjects –

Basics of diverse Electronics subjects: Including Electromagnetism, Circuits, Filters,

Digital Electronics, Components, Semiconductor Materials, Amplifiers and other subjects.

Includes also an Intermediate Level.

- Bluetooth Basics -

An article on the basics of Bluetooth technology by How Stuff Works.

- DSP Guide -

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing. An online book by Steven

W. Smith. Fundamentals of DSP, Digital Filters and Applications.

- Electronic Circuits and theory. -

Lecture Notes on Electronics subjects and circuits - AC and DC Circuits, Filter Circuits,

Diode Circuits, Transistor Circuits, Op Amps, Digital Circuits, Oscillators, A/Ds and D/As,

and Computer Circuits. (Brief but good Notes with corresponding circuits and graphs.)

- EMI Protection -

Practical aspects of EMI protection.

- ESD Prevention and Control -

A guide to prevention and control of Electro-static discharge.

- Filters -

Analog Filter Design basics: An introduction.

- Flip Chip Technology -

Excellent Reference links on Flip Chip Technology.

- Magnetism -

Lecture Notes on The Magnetic Field, Magnetic Forces and Sources of Magnetic Fields.

Physics Dept. at the University of Winnipeg, California.

- Microprocessors -

Reference links to tutorials on Microprocessors, included are the Motorola 68000,

the 8051 and the 8086 Microprocessors.

- Nanotechnology -

A simple Introduction to the Nanotech world by How Stuff Works, includes examples.

- Op Amp Reference Book -

A Book on Op Amp Design including every single aspect (on a pdf file).

- PC Boards Basics -

Basic useful information for designing PC Boards.

- Physics Notes -

Introductory Physics Lecture notes from the Physics Dept. at the University of Winnipeg(CA).

Subjects: Physics of Motion, Electricity, Magnetism, Quantum Physics, Atomic Physics

and Nuclear Physics. (brief, but clear)

- Power Electronics Introduction -

Course notes to an Intro to Power Electronics by Dragan Maksimovic at the

University of Colorado.

- Radar Basics -

A good basic Introduction to the technology of radars.

- Radio Electronics -

Information on different aspects of radio electronics, and radio electronics components.

- Satellite Basics -

Tutorial on Basic Satellite concepts, history and milestones, some installation guidelines.

- Semiconductor Physics Guide -

A reference on Semiconductor Physics and lasers.

- Smith Chart Basics -

Using the Smith Chart for Impedance Matching.

- Transformers -

Discussion on inner workings of a Transformer, how it is constructed and other aspects

such as voltage ratio and impedance matching considerations.

- Transmission Line Terminations Simulation -

Simulates the effect that different Transmission line terminations have on the input signals.

Includes a matched Transmission line (load resistance = Zo), Zl > Zo and Zl < Zo.

- Transmission Line Guide -

Quick reference guide for some of the essentials of Transmission Line Theory.

- VLSI Systems Design -

CMOS VLSI Design covering all different aspects. Applications in Multimedia and