Desert ship

Desert ship

Jamal (camel) is a huge animal body burly native desert, the desert ship known for its ability to travel long distances and live under harsh conditions, can overcome plenty of water and Snamh, which stored the food consumed in the prosperity of the hours of need.

Snamh and light

Another source of the sentences that a large stockpiles of food in the fabric of Sanam back, as it amounts store food in the form of hot fat over the back would Snama. In this Alsnam find the neceSanam Jamal consists mostly of fat. There is a strong fiber and fat reservation Alsnam be prominent on the back of the camel. The weight of a camel hump full health and well-fed more than 35 kilograms. When food is difficult to provide stored fat camel including energy needs, so if Jamal hunger over a period of contraction Snamh, but it could slip over the back and ribs Itahedl one.ssary energy when food was scarce. When Jamal and the rest fed normally for weeks due to high Alsnam and standing on the back of the camel, which seems obese, dexterity, alone among the animals to store fat on his back while animal fat stored in the hulls. Alsnam is the primary source of the extraordinary strength of the camel in the desert, the second source of strength and capabilities of the desert, it can range from reduced traffic on the soft sand as eThe huge weight on the broad area of slippers legs do not sink in the sand like the animals, and lightweight, measuring the physical removal can camel and weight in all the wildernesses, these advantages have made companion to the Bedouin and desert dwellersasily distributed

In the world are two kinds of beauty :
- Dromedary Alsnam is one, and this type is the most beautiful around the world, which is frequently in the tropics, from India to Senegal
-Humped camels, a camel, and from the (ground) and live in the Gobi Desert between Mongolia and China, which urges the National in the region between the south of Beijing, even the Soviet Union in the Caucasus, Kurdistan and Afghanistan.
However, the people of Asia have used some kind of hybrid of these Aljji, and for this type Snaman, one more than the other, and characterized by the magnitude of his body and strength more than the previous Aljji.
And different types of the original length of hair and foul as well

Multiple uses

Jamal is a necessity of life for millions in Asia and Africa. In the land along the edges of the desert, the camel is used to drag plows for farming and processing of agricultural